At a Glance

Argo is a workbench for building and running text-analysis solutions. It facilitates the development of custom workflows from a selection of elementary analytics.

globeWeb Application

Argo’s graphical user interface is available entirely through a web browser, which eliminates the need to go through platform-dependent installation procedures.

componentProcessing Components

Ever increasing library of components includes natural language processing and text mining analytics as well as user-interactive components.

workflowWorkflow Design

The web interface allows the user to create complex processing workflows composed of processing components and multiple branching and merging points.

gearsRemote Processing

Workflow processing is carried out on remote servers even if users are not connected. Users can follow the progress and see the results at their convenience.

interactive-componentUser Interaction

User-interactive components, such as Manual Annotation Editor, make the processing of workflows pause and wait for input from the user.

usersUser Collaboration

Argo is a multi-user system and supports the sharing of workflows and documents between users. Shared objects can then be modified by all the eligible users.

uima-logoUIMA Support

Argo is based on the Unstructured Information Management Architecture which is a standard that ensures interoperability of processing components.