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Argo in BioCreative IV User Interactive Task

Argo is participating in a biocuration process as part of the BioCreative IV User Interactive Task. The BioCreative organisers aim to promote Web-based, text mining platforms to support research community in performing resource curation activities. Argo is one of nine systems that take part in the challenge this year.

The task, set up by NaCTeM and approved by the BioCreative organisers, involves the annotation of metabolic processes. Several biocurators will quantitatively and qualitatively evaluate Argo by setting up workflows and performing manual annotation of PubMed abstracts supported by automatic processing available in Argo. The feedback received from the curators will guide the future development of Argo to better accommodate manual curation requirements.

We have prepared a tutorial with detailed information, annotation guidelines and instructions for using Argo in this task.