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New Features in Manual Annotation Editor

The built-in Manual Annotation Editor component has undergone a series of changes. The span-of-text annotation editor is now faster and more flexible. We have also improved the navigability and extended a range of actions that can be performed on annotations.

The list of features include:

  • Fast rendering of span-of-text annotations regardless of the size of documents.
  • Manually creating span-of-text annotations and adjusting their boundaries.
  • Colour coding of span-of-text annotations.
  • Full support for nested and intersecting span-of-text annotations.
  • Creating complex annotations that consist of attributes (of primitives types such as integers, strings, boolean, etc.) and references to other annotations.
  • Structural consistency of annotations is ensured by type systems (annotation schemata).
  • Easy navigation between annotated documents.
  • Annotation can be paused and resumed at a later visit.